Yasmin R. 

I had heard a lot of positive comments about the Medical Aesthetik Institut from friends. I had been unhappy with my skin for some time. After thorough consultation I chose mesotherapy amongst several treatments suggested for me. Due to the active agents tailored to my skin, it has changed exactly the way I wanted to. I am fully satisfied with the treatment.
Thank you to the great MA team.


Elisabeth F.

(Elimination of pigmentation)
I had perceived my age spots as negative for several years. A friend drew my attention to Medical Aesthetic Institute. The treatment quality of MA, as well as personal consulting, exceeded my expectations. The state-of-the-art equipment and the really likeable and competent team gave me a feeling of security from the start. Thanks to this treatment I feel happy again ‘in my skin’.


Zarina V.

(Medical laser depilation)
Many thanks to Mrs. Konir and her great team. Thanks to medical laser depilation at the Institut fuer Medizinische Aesthetik, it was possible to remove hair in the treated areas permanently. The necessary succession of treatments was made as pleasant as possible for me. Also, all of my questions were patiently answered and explained to me.  As predicted, the slight irritation of the skin disappeared after a few days. I am really happy to have decided on Medical Aesthetic for this treatment and rejoice every day in the beautiful result.



Learn here about the experience other customers had with our work and its results at Medical Aesthetic. This feedback from patients is intended to give you additional help to form a picture of us. Because personal experience is the basis of trust.

The team around Nina Konir is characterized by being personable, competent and experienced. I felt happy from the very beginning. This starts with a very appealing waiting room and highly engaged staff. Plenty of time had been reserved for the consultation, given that I never experienced any kind of rush. For the treatment itself and for the result, I’d like to give top marks! P.T.

Many thanks for your wonderful and caring treatment. Without your personal consulting, I would have been unlikely to opt for treatment. I’m very happy with the result. H.K.

Some friends recommended Mrs Nina Konir and her institute to me. I don’t regret this recommendation at all. Consultation was very personable and helpful, the treatment fast and without any pain and, above all, a great result. All in all, a place I can recommend highly! M.P.

After several treatments at various different institutions, now I’ve gotten ‘lucky’ with Nina Konir and her great team. Here simply everything goes together ideally: cordial, highly trained and experienced staff, nice atmosphere and a perfect result. I also saw the price to performance ratio as fitting. Thanks are due to Nina’s ‘sensitive’ hands. S.K.

I am very happy with the natural result of my treatment. The entire process was simply great! G.F.