Since the dawn of time, mankind has been on the search for the fountain of youth. However, we won’t promise you eternal youth, but we can help you to arrest time by rejuvenating your skin without using invasive procedures. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible and effective treatments.


Dermal infusion is currently one of the most effective non-invasive peelings available. Diamonds, especially developed for medical purposes, remove dead skin cells. This process is performed wet and via dermal infusion. Hyaluronic acid and vitamins are introduced to the lower layers of the skin, so that skin cells are regenerated and the growth of new collagen fibers is stimulated. Immediate results are noticeable and after 4-6 treatments, significant improvements can be observed.

After a dermabrasion treatment, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities. Dermabrasion is suitable for most skin problems. To improve changes in the skin pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and dry skin.


Age spots and freckles are pigment changes of the skin and are best removed permanently with the IPL laser.

The pigmentation on the upper dermis (melanin deposits) are removed by laser. The treated area sheds the dead skin cells quickly and easily, and thus pigment and age spots are removed permanently.

This treatment has no side effects and only between 2-5 consultations are needed for a very pleasing result.


Rosacea is the reddening of the skin on the nose and cheeks, caused by blood stasis in the capillary vessels, which give a ruddy complexion.

Rosacea is best treated with IPL laser therapy. The enlarged blood vessels are cauterized by laser. A positive  side effect of this procedure, is that the skin will appear taut and radiant. Only one treatment is necessary for rosacea.



Diamond micro-dermabrasion – Facial massage – Lifting mask

In microdermabrasion, extremely fine diamond-tipped applicators are used to carefully exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin. 

Diamond microdermabrasion is an effective peeling treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, scars, acne and large pores. Real medical diamond tips are used to strip scaly skin in a controlled way. This stimulates the skin to build new cells and to renew itself.

Duration: 60 min


After a gentle enzyme or fruit acid peeling, a meso-cocktail individually tailored to the skin is applied and, by means of electroporation, deeply infiltrated into the skin. This leads to immediate smoothing of your skin, which makes it radiant. The mesotherapy cocktail consists of hyaluronic acid and restructures the cells. Cell growth is promoted as well as hydration

» Vitamin A, C, E powerful antioxidants – act on free radicals
» They stimulate reparative processes 
» Amino acids promote tissue regeneration
» Co-enzymes boost collagen synthesis


Innovative, skin rejuvenating therapy with immediate effect!

Hollywood swears by Mesoéclat – fountain of youth! Mesoéclat acts specifically against signs of tired and aging skin. It supports natural cell regeneration and supplies skin with all the nutrients it needs and perfect moisture. A skin rejuvenating effect, which makes skin look softer and smoother after a very short period of time.
  • Delays premature aging of the skin
  • Wrinkles are reduced or eliminated – for a radiant and fresh complexion!
Duration: 30 min

Red Carpet

(Oxygen treatment)

This is a very popular treatment amongst Hollywood stars before the Academy Awards. Pure oxygen and caviar extract make your skin radiant.  

The latest development from Hollywood delivers a radiant complexion à la Nicole Kidman


Radio frequency therapy is a revolutionary system to quickly and effectively counteract signs of aging of the skin in the face, neck and décolleté. Radio frequency therapy is unique worldwide, since it combines five basic technologies for counteracting the signs of skin aging in one single device and delivers visible results even after the first treatment. Radiant skin appearance - smooth, tight, firm skin.

How does radio-frequency therapy work?
Radio frequency therapy stimulates microcirculation in blood and lymphatic vessels and promotes metabolism and blood flow in the tissue. Energy is taken deeply into the tissue layers where, in the deep tissue, the temperature is raised locally, which in turn stimulates production of fibroblasts. The existing collagenous and elastic tissue is denatured, removed by the body and replaced by new tissue. The face is lifted and the skin firmed. Wrinkles are reduced dramatically. The skin becomes radiant, achieving lasting rejuvenation of the skin with no delay.

Any risks and/or side effects?
No, the treatment carries no consequent limitations and you can immediately go back to your daily routine. Slight redness will usually vanish after half an hour. No local anesthetic is needed. 

How often should the treatment be repeated?
To achieve maximum results, we recommend 3 to 6 treatments at one-week intervals.


This unique treatment utilizes particularly highly concentrated, viscous hyaluronic acid in combination with LED masks and hydration bombs. Since hyaluronic acid has the characteristic of binding water, this combination achieves particularly smooth skin. By means of the subsequent pain-free LED (light-emitting laser diode) application, the tissue is stimulated with light and flaccid, wrinkly skin is additionally rendered firm and plush.   

The first beautiful before-and-after result is already visibly after 20 minutes. We recommend periodic treatment of 4 to 8 sessions twice a year.

Fountain of youth

Our skin consists of a so-called collagenous grid (collagenous and elastic fibers), which supports the skin. If enough collagen is produced, the skin looks fresh, pert and young. However, with time the skin loses its elasticity, a sign that less collagen is produced. The skin starts to age. The first wrinkles might appear as early as at the age of 25. There are various different laser procedures that activate the skin’s production of collagen, so-called laser lifting. However, most of them are too aggressive and have considerable side effects such as burns, pigmentation or scar formation

The Swiss company SWISSMED was the first to succeed in launching a laser that forces the skin to produce collagen without damaging the uppermost layer of skin (epidermis). After this treatment you are immediately presentable, because the slight redness of the skin disappears after only a few minutes. Usually the treatment is tolerated very well, making the use of anesthetic ointment superfluous.

We recommend a treatment package of 4-5 treatments in order to achieve lastingly firm skin. The results are astonishing!


This is a very gentle lactic acid peeling, which leads to immediate smoothing and firming of the skin. Ideal for quick skin refreshment before an event or party. Given that it involves no peeling or scaling, it can be applied to any type of skin.


This is a combined peeling, a glycolic salicylic lactic acid peel, which can be applied individually. 

For: »
Inflammatory acne
» Clarification and tightening of skin
» For UV-damaged skin

Glycolic Polymer Solution 5%
For unusually dry skin, damaged skin with lack of minerals, UV-damaged skin  

Glycolic Polymer Solution 10%
For acne and callous skin, UV-damaged skin, slight over-pigmentation and scars

Glycolic Polymer Solution 20%
For acne with callous skin, for prepared and glycol-accustomed skin with hyperkeratosis, UV-damaged skin, skin impurities and scars

Glycolic Polymer Solution 35%
For heavily callous skin, which won’t react to 20% fruit acid, UV-damaged skin


The classic amongst facial treatments. Skin analysis, cleansing, gentle peeling, extraction, massage of face and décolleté, calming facial mask

Duration: 85 min


This treatment not only hydrates skin thoroughly, it also stimulates collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera smooth wrinkles and fine lines and your skin will be radiant with a fresh and firm complexion.

Duration: 90 min


This unique treatment offers an excellent lifting and distinct rejuvenating effect on your skin. This is possible due to its low-molecular components. It is just as effective as mesotherapy, only without the needles.

Non-invasive bio filler can also be used in the preparation for plastic surgery, during recovery from plastic surgery and after chemical peeling. 

After only four or five procedures your skin will look younger and rejuvenated. A highly effective and safe alternative to Botox.

Duration: 90 min


A perfect occasional treatment or if you’re really busy.

Depending on skin type, either an enzyme peeling or diamond microdermabrasion is followed by an activation ampulla. After this and combined with a firming hydrating mask, your skin will glow.

Duration: 25 min


Intensive treatment for stressed and tired skin. Diamond dermabrasion exfoliates your skin. This is followed by a relaxing facial massage and is then followed by an energizing mask.