Depending on the severity and location of the affected areas, we can provide substantial improvements. We employ a number of different methods in order to combat the unsightly consequences of cellulite.  

Cellulite is not an illness, but a natural biological process that occurs in 80-90% of all women. Fat cells of the lower dermis push through the fibrous connective tissue, leading to dimpling on the skin surface, known also as orange peel-like appearance. It is rarely seen in males due to the different skin architecture. Cellulite should not be confused with cellulities. which is an infection of the underlying connective tissue.  

The first indicators of cellulite are the thickening and dimpling of the outer skin of the upper thighs. Cellulite has a tendency to spread and can therefore eventually also be found on the buttocks, the belly and related areas.


IN THE FIRST STAGE of cellulite, the changes are hardly noticeable, neither when prone or standing, but changes can be observed when the pinch test is performed.  

IN THE SECOND STAGE, especially when sitting or lying, the typical dimpling of the skin can be clearly observed. The pinch test can be painful.  

IN THE THIRD STAGE (advanced cellulite), the areas affected appear spongy and flabby while sitting or standing. The pinch test is very painful.  

Our institute provides appropriate and effective therapies for all three stages, which are individually tailored to your specific needs. However, very advanced cellulite cannot be totally reversed, though it can be substantially improved.



increases the metabolic rate

With Carboxy therapy, carbon dioxide  is administered subcutaneously with a thin needle. The CO2 attacks the fat cells directly and enlarges the vessels, which leads to a higher blood flow and reduces fluid in the tissue.


enhances the blood flow to the skin

This treatment is administered by subcutaneous injection, which leads to a higher blood flow to the lower dermis, which in turn leads  to detoxing and rejuvenation of the tissue.  

Our assessment will provide the right therapy for your individual needs. After this treatment you will find, that your skin has a healthy glow, is firm and radiant.


The latest development from Hollywood

Reaction, the new definition of radio-frequency treatments.

Reaction represents the safe and clinically effective non-invasive therapy of cellulite, body shaping and reduction of volume. Reaction treatment applicators offer numerous different applications.
    Radio frequency and vacuum. For large surfaces. Cellulite and skin tightening at thighs, bottom, upper arms and abdomen.
    Radio frequency with integrated cooling. For skin tightening and wrinkle treatment in the face and on the body.
Advantages of Reaction Aesthetics platform
  • Patented CORE technology with multi-channel – RF and integrated vacuum therapy
  • Exact control of RF penetration depth – treatments with maximum intensity for each area of the body
  • ONE device for numerous indications: wrinkle treatment in the face, skin tightening, body shaping, Cellulite treatments
  • Painless treatments, no recovery period


with micro-stimulation for the desired effect

With perforated rollers and in combination with central suction, the patented Icoone® Roboderm technology facilitates a unique mechanical micro-stimulation of the tissue. Icoone® offers completely tailored beauty treatments, consisting of a combination of various different face and body care programs tailored to the specific needs of men and women of all age groups.

Icoone® is ideal for the treatment of:
Local accumulation of fat / cellulite / “saddlebags” / modeling of body contours / improved skin structure / saggy thighs and upper arms / tightening of skin in the face, neck and décolleté / deeper wrinkles / laugh lines/ lymphedema / tightening of skin around knees and abdomen/ modeling of bottom contours (Copa Cabana shape)




with micro-stimulation for the desired effect

Reaction laser

The latest development from Hollywood

Meso therapY

enhances the blood flow to the skin

Carboxy therapY

increases the metabolic rate