Immediate and visible effect, a scientific achievement!  Forlle’d is a premium cosmetic collection from Japan on the basis of low molecular hyaluronic acid. 

Forlle’d laboratory has developed a production process patented worldwide to gain ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid and other low molecular substances.  This technology is based on findings by Nobel-prize winner Koichi Tanaka.


A Natural Difference skincare is the specialist for anti-aging and problematic skin and has been amongst the most successful cosmetics for beauty parlors in the USA for 20 years. A Natural Difference skincare is produced without the addition of mineral oils, paraffin, lanolin, synthetic perfume or fragrances and without animal testing. The natural active agents are perfectly harmonized, of the best quality and purity and at the highest-possible concentration. Cosmeceutical agents work intelligently and are able to resolve the root cause of skin problems.